Package 15


  • 10 hours of on-demand graphic design services
  • Project management
  • Confabs with the art and marketing department to optimize results
  • Free 1/2-hour consultation for advice on marketing or visual strategies
  • 1 photo purchase



  • This package is valid for three months from the purchase date.
  • You will receive a breakdown of hours worked at the end of each week.
  • To keep any time remaining in your account when your package is due to expire, you can purchase another package. In this case, the remaining time will be added to the number of hours in your new package.
  • If there is time remaining in your account when your package expires, but you do not purchase another package, the remaining time will be lost and cannot be reimbursed or transferred.
  • Project management includes creating an account, briefs and coordination with the lead graphic designer.
  • Services proposed by the art and marketing department during the above-mentioned confabs are provided free of charge and are intended to optimize your graphic design requests. Said services do not include a formal consultation. If you would like to book a formal consultation with the art and marketing department, please contact us.
  • The free 1/2-hour consultation can be held by telephone or video call and can be in reference to any project or strategy that you’re working on, whether or not it relates to the graphic design needs covered by this package.
  • Photos must be purchased from a Temiscom-approved image bank.
  • By purchasing a Velvet Package, you agree to provide Temiscom with all the information we need to efficiently carry out our work.
  • We commit to take all reasonable steps to keep information provided to us confidential, with the exception of information that is publicly available.
  • We will only deliver final renderings (PDF, JPG, PNG, etc.). Temiscom will retain copyright on documents (work files OR source files). To obtain source files, you must purchase the copyright and the fonts used in the file.
  • Temiscom can provide other services in addition to this package (copywriting, proofreading, programming, photos, etc.).